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Rystad Energy

Rystad Energy - Algorithmic programmer

Frist: 20. mars 2019 00:00

Type: Fast jobb

Arbeidssted: Oslo/Aker Brygge

Kontakt: Erik Wold,, 93059373

Help us develop a world leading energy knowledge house!


Rystad Energy is looking for a graduate to strengthen its algorithm team. The algorithm team plays an important role in converting input data to output data, e.g. by forecasting future production, building economic models, completing the “data universe” and ensuring proper calibration in multiple dimensions.

Work includes defining models, and implementing algorithms in robust code. Programming is done mainly using C# and SQL sprocs, and the code runs in a database environment. The candidate should have a MSc, or similar experience. The candidate can be a system developer who likes maths and to do simulations, or a physicist/mathematician/engineer who also likes to program.


Contact information:


Tlf: 93059373