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Schlumberger Summer Internships

Frist: 16. september 2018 00:00

Type: Sommerjobb

Arbeidssted: Stavanger, Bergen

Kontakt: Magnus Ørnskar,

First-hand exposure to our industry

An internship with Schlumberger offers a unique insight to see whether a career with us is right for you, and you will be able to make a real contribution to our company. It’s a great opportunity, in addition to gaining valuable experience, you will learn a lot about our industry, and you will receive the support from your colleagues and co-workers necessary to succeed in your internship.

Field Engineer Internship

Our field internships offer a unique chance to see whether a Field Engineer position is really the job for you. A sense of adventure and ambition are musts for this outdoor 24-hour, 365-day work environment, where long hours under pressure and dirty hands are to be expected.

We have internships in the following segments:

For a Field Engineer internship, the minimum educational requirement is completion of second-year Bachelor/Master studies in an engineering discipline, geology, geophysics, or science.

Petro Technical Internship

Office-based internships for geoscience and petrotechnical graduates expose you to the operational environment. You’ll assist wherever you can with ongoing projects to ensure they run smoothly and efficiently. The minimum educational requirements are completion of second-year undergraduate studies in geology, geophysics, computer science, telecommunications, or engineering.

What kind of people are we looking for?

Every position requires a different set of skills, but in general we look for:

  • Ability to adapt
  • Good listeners
  • Creativity and Intellect
  • Reliability and trustworthiness
  • Team Players
  • Self-motivation and Energy

We offer: 

  • Responsibility
  • Training
  • Hands on experience


Please combine a PDF file with your transcript of records and CV to attach to the application.


Mainly open for fourth graders, but third grade will also be considered.