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DNV GL Summer Job 2021 - Autonomous Maritime

Frist: 4. oktober 2020 23:59

Type: Sommerjobb

Arbeidssted: Høvik

Kontakt: Øystein Engelhardtsen // 47 928 10 676 //

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Please submit your application directly to the person responsible for the job you want to apply for. ***

For å søke, send inn følgende til kontakpersonen innen 23.59 i kveld:

  • Motivasjonsbrev/søknadsbrev
  • CV
  • Karakterutksrifter fra hele studieperioden

Kandidatene kan skrive følgende tittel og intro i mailen. XXXXX byttes ut med navn og ønsket stilling:

Tittel: IT Summer Job 2020 – application deadline 4 October 23:59

Intro: Hi, My name is xxxx and I hereby apply for the IT Summer job position XXXXX. The reason I e-mail you directly is because the IT system (iCIMS) from DNV GL was closed before the set deadline in the advertisement.

Local Unit & Position Description

DNV GL Norway offers students relevant work experience.


Summer job in DNV GL Norway

If your ambition is to make a real difference and seek opportunities beyond business, this could be the perfect start for your career.


The autonomous team at Høvik is now searching for summer students for the summer 2021.

Autonomy is expected to have major impact on how we move goods and people around the world in the future. All major car manufacturers are investing heavily into technologies to make this a reality. Perhaps less known, is that much of the same is happening in the maritime industry. Unlike for cars, the Norwegian industry is a major player within ship technology and is currently spearheading the development of autonomous and remotely operated ships. DNV GL is a part of this and with our purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment we are preparing for a reality where autonomous and remotely operated systems impact how the world shipping fleet is operated.

As a part of this, the Maritime Transportation programme in Group Technology and Research (GTR) is currently researching situational awareness for autonomous and remotely operated ships. Situational awareness refers to the ability of the ship to perceive its surroundings using sensors which is a prerequisite for automated navigation and collision avoidance. Machine learning algorithms will be an integral part of this system, and research is focused on how we can make sure such systems are safe to use. Relevant topics are; explainable AI, interpretability of deep neural nets and their predictions, safety testing with limited specifications and data, and detection of high confidence mistakes, with the goal of developing the rules and assurance procedures necessary for the adaptation of autonomous ships in a commercial setting.

Summer students have been a part of our team for several summers, working with sensors, algorithms and sensor-fusion for detection of other ships and obstacles. Sensors have included long range LIDAR, thermal camera, maritime RADAR, pan-tilt-zoom daylight camera as well as a high-resolution 4K camera. A rig with these sensors is available, including a system running on the Robotic Operating System (ROS) used for data logging and machine-learning based data analysis. The work has been both highly practical and theoretical, where the students have performed experiments with the rig outside our office in Høvik, logging suitable scenarios with boats, kayaks and other relevant objects, as well as developed algorithms for data processing and object detection. The students have also added additional functionality as needed in order to facilitate testing, assessment of performance and developed suitable test criteria for such systems.

As a part of our team, you can expect to work within interesting and highly relevant topics such as deep learning, interpretability and explain ability of deep learning systems, computer vision and sensor fusion algorithms, aligned with the needs and research interests at DNV GL. It is preferable that you have some programming skills and a bonus if you have some experience with computer vision, sensor fusion and machine learning algorithms from studies, previous summer jobs or extracurricular activities. It will also be regarded positive if you are interested in writing your project- and/or master’s thesis on a related subject. Researchers from DNV GL can offer co-supervision and support to such work and provide data and equipment as necessary.

Managers will select summer students based on their business needs aligned with your education, experience and background. In the application letter, please formulate how you believe you can contribute to the ongoing research within the aforementioned subjects during the summer. How does your research interest fit with the goals and topics of the summer job? Please also indicate your master program specialization and/or main area of study during the application process.

Primarily we are seeking 3rd and 4th year students with relevant Master Program specialization in:

  • Marine Technology
  • Cybernetics / Robotics
  • Data Science / AI
  • Mathematics / Statistics
  • Physics
  • Computer Science / Information Science

Position Qualifications

We want engaged students, who can identify themselves with our values and standards. It is important to us that you fit well into the organization and work environment.

We are looking for candidates with as many as possible of the following qualities:

  • Open-minded and curious
  • Ability to think outside of the box
  • Able to work both individually and cooperate in teams
  • Fluent in English, both verbal and written
  • Aligned with DNV GLs purpose and values

What we can offer:

Valuable and real-life experience through our projects

  • The opportunity to work with world class technical experts
  • Being involved with solving real life business challenges
  • Be part of a large group of summer students with different backgrounds and universities
  • Building a professional network for the future
  • DNV GLs headquarters at Høvik is a great place to be a summer student. 
  • In addition to challenging work, there are also fun social events arranged during the summer
  • ­Full access to all sports and leisure facilities at campus, including fitness center, kayaks, tennis court etc.

Previous summer students have experienced the summer jobs in DNV GL to be an excellent opportunity to get to know DNV GL as a workplace while obtaining valuable and real work experience.

At Høvik – why don’t start the day with a kayak on the fjord before work. 

Application process: 
Please upload your application letter, CV and grade certificate in our application tracking system (iCIMS). All documents should be in English, if possible. Students without this information will not be considered.

Our managers will select and recruit from 5 October to 31 October. The process will be closed on 6 November. 

Welcome to DNV GL!

Company & Business Area Description

DNV GL is a world-leading provider of digital solutions for managing risk and improving safety and asset performance for ships, pipelines, processing plants, offshore structures, electric grids, smart cities and more.
Our open industry platform Veracity, cyber security and software solutions support business-critical activities across many industries, including maritime, energy and healthcare.

Equal Opportunity Statement

DNV GL is an Equal Opportunity Employer and gives consideration for employment to qualified applicants without regard to gender, religion, race, national or ethnic origin, cultural background, social group, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age or political opinion. Diversity is fundamental to our culture and we invite you to be part of this diversity!